Aironet Wireless Communications

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Aironet Wireless Communications
Industry Computer networking
Fate Acquired by Cisco Systems
Founded United States (1986)
Headquarters United States
Parent Cisco Systems

Cisco Aironet is a maker of wireless networking equipment currently operated as a division of Cisco Systems. It was started by ex-Marconi Wireless employees in 1986 as Telesystems SLW in Canada, right after the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened up the ISM bands for spread spectrum license-free use. Telxon acquired Telesystems SLW in 1992,[1] and Aironet Wireless Communications was spun off from Telxon's RF Division in 1994. Cisco Systems acquired Aironet in 1999.

One of its pre-acquisition direct competitors was NCR and its successors (AT&T and Lucent), who sold the WaveLAN wireless networking technology.

Pre-acquisition Aironet products[edit]

  • ARLAN 900 MHz proprietary wireless networking
  • ARLAN 2.4GHz proprietary wireless networking

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