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Type Private
Industry Mobile Advertising
Founded 2010
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
Number of locations Los Angeles
Key people Asher Delug (Co-founder and CEO)
Matt Shaw (CRO)[1]
Employees 200+

Airpush is a private, bootstrapped mobile advertising platform.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] It is known as one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms with over 120,000 live apps utilizing its SDK.[4] Airpush is based in Los Angeles, California with offices in Bangalore, India.[9][10]

Airpush was founded in 2010 by company CEO and Interactive Advertising Bureau director Asher Delug.[9][11] Airpush is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.[11]


Airpush launched in December 2010.[10]

In June 2011, Airpush partnered with Nobotto, a Japanese developer of smartphone ad networks.[6] Nobotto used Airpush’s technology to distribute its ads in Japan.[6]

In July 2013, Airpush launched AirDSP, a mobile real-time bidding platform for advertisers.[12]

Airpush acquired Hubbl, a New York City-based developer of native advertising platforms, in October 2013.[2][13] Hubbl was acquired for $15 million.[3]

Forbes ranked Airpush #2 on its 2014 list of America's Most Promising Companies.[14]

In July 2014, Airpush received the DataWeek + API World 2014 award for Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution.[15] In September 2014, Airpush partnered with Inneractive, a mobile ad platform, to integrate AirX with Inneractive's exchange technology.[16]


At launch, the Airpush platform utilized push notifications.[17] The company’s platform has expanded to include banner, icon, video, app wall, dialog, landing page and rich media advertisements.[18]

Airpush also offers AirDSP, a mobile real time bidding platform.[12] Included in AirDSP is Optimizer, which provides metrics and reports to advertisers.[12]

In February 2014, Airpush and OpenX launched AirX, a mobile private exchange.[19]


Airpush has received criticism for utilizing push notifications.[8][18][20] In response, Airpush introduced options, which required end-users to opt-in to its service.[5][8][20]

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