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Small and medium enterprise
Founded London, United Kingdom (1998)
Headquarters London

Airside was founded in 1998 by Alex Maclean, Nat Hunter and Fred Deakin.[1] The company has won many awards including recognition from D&AD, BAFTA and Design Week.[2][3][4][5][6]

Co-founder Deakin is one half of ambient/electronica music duo Lemon Jelly. All promotional material for Lemon Jelly to date including posters, album covers and videos has been produced by Airside.[7]

14 Years[edit]

Founded before the Dot Com Boom, Airside grew at a time of enormous changes for the creative industries. Initially known as either a web design company, or as illustrators or even as innovative interaction designers, they diversified into film making through animation. Genre shifting and restless curiosity for the challenges of emergent media meant that they were hard to define as any particular kind of design company or agency. Widely recognised as an early example of its kind, Airside went on to create ground breaking projects in emergent digital media whilst honing skills in traditional design and film making.

Apple Pro[edit]

In June 2006, Airside achieved recognition of their creativity while using Apple products, and were profiled in a short video on the Apple Pro Website.[8]

Company disbandment[edit]

In November 2011, the staff at Airside announced on their official website that the company would halt work for clients and that Airside would be no longer after March 2012.[9] All three founding members emphasised that the company was 'shutting up shop' on a high note and that they felt they'd achieved their ambitions as a joint venture. Once Airside ceases operations, they plan to work on individual projects but possibly collaborate in the future.

In March 2012, Airside ceased operations and closed for business. All three founding members have either moved on to new work or continue with ongoing side projects. The Airside company lives on in the form of Airside Nippon.


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