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Coordinates: 67°4′N 20°57′E / 67.067°N 20.950°E / 67.067; 20.950

Aitik mine area seen from the northeast, with lake Sakajärvi in the foreground.

The Aitik copper mine is owned by Boliden AB and situated outside the town of Gällivare in northern Sweden. It is one of Europe's largest open pit copper mines. Associated with the copper, large quantities of gold, silver and since 2008 molybdenum have been mined at Aitik.[1]

The mine was put into production in 1968, and the production was set at two million tonnes of ore. Since then, the production has gradually increased to the current 18 million tonnes per year. In 2010 when the new Aitik mine expansion is completed production will double to 36 million tonnes.[2]


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