Ajahn Candasiri

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Ajahn Candasiri
Religion Theravada Buddhism
School Thai Forest Tradition
Born 1947
Edinburgh, Scotland
Senior posting
Title Siladhara

Ajahn Candasiri is a senior nun (Siladhara) in the Thai Forest Tradition of Thai Theravada Buddhism.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947, she became an occupational therapist in the mental health field after graduating from a university. Having been raised as a Christian she later as an adult began to take an interest in the teaching of the Buddha. In 1977, after exploring several meditation traditions, she met Ajahn Sumedho in the United Kingdom and was introduced to the Dhamma. She ordained in 1979, at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, England.[1] She was one of four women anagarikas who founded Chithurst Buddhist Monastery's community of nuns in West Sussex, England. In 1983, she took Siladhara vows. Ajahn Candasiri resided at Cittaviveka, Chithurst until 1999 when she moved to Amaravati monastery.

Ajahn Candasiri takes a special interest in Christian-Buddhist understanding. She has taught and led retreats in many places and enjoys teaching young people. Ajahn Candasiri is well known for her work in advancing vinaya training for women.[1] She has written and contributed to many articles.

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