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Ajai R. Singh
Ajai r singh.jpg
Born (1953-03-23) 23 March 1953 (age 62)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Fields Psychiatry, Philosophy, bioethics, philosophy of psychiatry, Journalology
Institutions Mens Sana Monographs, Aastha Hospital
Alma mater Mumbai University Seth G.S. Medical College, KEM Hospital

Ajai R. Singh (born 23, March, 1953) is a psychiatrist[1] and editor,[2] Mens Sana Monographs. He has written/edited various monographs, book chapters[3] and more than 80 papers [4] in various peer reviewed journals on issues related to psychiatry, philosophy, bioethical issues, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry.[5] The journal editor of MSM belongs to the World Association of Medical Editors.[6]

Early life[edit]

Born Ajai R. Singh to Mr R. C. Singh and Mrs Chandradevi Singh, youngest of three brothers, Kamlesh and Ramesh, with two younger sisters Anita and Indu, Singh took his school education at Sampson English High School from 1959–69, after which he went to St Xaviers College from 1969-71 to complete Inter Science.[7]

Professional Experience[edit]

Singh joined the MBBS course at Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital at Parel, Mumbai from 1971–76, and later did MD [Psychological Medicine] from the same institution and Mumbai University from 1976-79. He joined the WHO Collaboration Center in Psychopharmacology as a Senior Research Fellow working on Thanatology from 1979-1989, writing a paper which won the BPS Silver Jubilee Award in 1988:.[8][9] He also had a brief stint heading the Editorial Board, from 1988–91, of a now extinct publication: Psychology and Human Behaviour Digest. Singh simultaneously started private psychiatric practice in 1981, and continues to do so in Mulund, a suburb of Mumbai, India.[10]

Research and writings[edit]

Singh earlier writings and research [in 1980s and 1990s] were in social philosophy, historiography, metaphilosophy and thanatology. His later writings [2003 onwards] have concentrated on psychiatry, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, bioethics, philosophy of medicine and health, and journalology.[11] He also occasionally [2004-2009] shifted attention to Gandhi’s thought, Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism.[12] Singh has also published some poetry.[13]

Singh has delivered lectures, orations and received some awards[14]

Member and advisor[edit]

He is a member of the Journal Committee[15] of the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, and one of its Speciality Editors. He sits on the Honorary Advisory Board, Research Center in Philosophy, VPM's Joshi-Bedekar College, Thane, Maharashtra.[16]

Founder president, Swara Sampada[edit]

He is also the Founder President of a non-profit music organisation called Swara Sampada,[17] whose mission statement is to 'help the evolution of bathroom singers into living room singers, and living room singers into stage singers'. He has also written its definitive text called the Swara Sampada Sourcebook on Music,[18][19] ISBN 81-901406-2-0.

Co-author, Marriage and Children[edit]

He is married to Shakuntala Singh, with whom he has co-authored many papers in philosophy, philosophy of psychiatry, and the pharmaceutical industry.[20] They have three sons, one of whom Anshuman Ajai Singh debuted as the character Jimmy, in the 2012 production of a Bollywood Film Agent Vinod.


Monographs written [21][edit]

(Along with Shakuntala Singh as co-author)

  • Psychiatric consequences of WTC collapses and the Gulf war (May 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-00-9
  • Towards a suicide free society: Identify suicide prevention as public health policy. (July–Aug 2003) ISBN 978-81-89753-01-6
  • What shall we do about our concern with the most recent in psychiatric research? (Sept–Oct 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-02-3
  • Replicative nature of Indian Research, Essence of scientific temper, and the future of scientific progress (Nov–Dec, 2003). ISBN 978-81-89753-03-0
  • Gandhi on religion, faith and conversion: secular blue print relevant today (Jan–Feb 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-04-7
  • The goal: health for all – the commitment: all for health (Mar–April 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-05-4
  • Psychiatry science, religion and health (MSM annual May–Oct 2004). ISBN 978-81-89753-06-1
  • Resolution of the polarisation of ideologies and approaches in psychiatry (Nov 2004 – Feb 2005). ISBN 978-81-89753-08-5
  • Medical practice, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry; and ever the trio shall meet (Mar–Oct 2005). ISBN 978-81-89753-11-5
  • Medicine as a corporate enterprise, patient welfare centred profession or patient welfare centred professional enterprise? (Nov 2005– Feb 2006). ISBN 978-81-89753-12-2

Monographs edited [22][edit]

(Along with Shakuntala Singh as deputy-editor)

Executive editor[edit]

Along with Shakuntala Singh as Editor in chief

Book written[edit]

Book chapters[edit]

  • Singh Ajai R., (2006), Rehabilitation in schizophrenia, the is-aught and rights duty dilemma. In: Thought and reflections: selected papers in mental health [Ed Hema Shah], Vora Med Pub, Mumbai, p501-513. ISBN 81-86361-96-0

Commemorative volume chapters[edit]

  • Singh, Ajai R.; Singh, Shakuntala A. (2009), Notes on Some Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry. In: Culture, Personality and Mental Illness: A perspective of Traditional Societies [Vijoy K. Varma, A.K. Kala, Nitin Gupta eds], JaypeeBros Med Pub, New Delhi, p37-76. 2009. ISBN 978-81-8448-536-3[23] Retrieved 13 February 2011.
  • Singh Ajai R., (2008), Indian Journal of Psychiatry (IJP): Moving Forward. In: Indian Journal of Psychiatry: commemorative volume. [T.S.S Rao, G. Swaminath eds], IJP, p60-67.


A complete list is available[24]


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