Iranians in Kuwait

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Iranians in Kuwait
Regions with significant populations
Kuwait City
Predominantly Shi'a Islam
Minority Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Iranians in Qatar

Iranians in Kuwait is the Iranian community in Kuwait. In 2012, there were 45,000 Iranian citizens residing in Kuwait according to the population census.[1] Iranian expatriates are heavily concentrated in the Bneid al-Gar suburb of Kuwait City.

In 1921, there were 10,000 Iranians in Kuwait. In 1933, H. R. P. Dickson said the Persian community was growing rapidly in size. By 1938, the Persian community had grown to 18,000.



Most Iranian expatriates in Kuwait are employed the private sector.[2] In 2011, there were 42,795 Iranian citizens in Kuwait; 699 were employed in the public sector, 24,684 in the private sector and 16,577 were on dependent visas.[2]


There is Iranian school in Kuwait, Iranian school is privately funded and located in the suburbs of Kuwait City.[3] Iranian schools in Kuwait:

  • Iranian School of Kuwait
  • Ja'afari School

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