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Origin New York, NY, United States
Genres Electronica
Years active 1989 – 1996
Labels Wax Trax! Records
Zoo Entertainment
Infinite Love
Past members Arleen L. Mitchel (1989-1996)
Michael Roy (1989-1990)
Michael Hornburg (1989-1990)
Joseph Hornof (1994-1996)

Ajax is a New York-based band, led by female singer Arleen Mitchel. The outfit released the single "Mind the Gap" in 1989, on Wax Trax! Records. A full-length self-titled debut LP followed, which combined industrial and acid-house music. The album, and its two singles failed to chart.

Mitchel revived the name in the 1990s, most successfully on the 1995 single "Ex-Junkie" which became a minor club hit. "Ex-Junkie" is the band's first (and to date last) entry on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club charts, peaking at number 48.[1]



Year Title Label
1990 Ajax Wax Trax!
1995 Aphrodite Zoo Entertainment


Year Song Chart
U.S. Dance
Album Label
1989 "Mind the Gap" - Ajax Wax Trax!
1990 "One World" - Ajax Wax Trax!
1994 "Evening Chanting" - non-album single Infinite Love
1995 "Ex-Junkie" 48 Aphrodite Zoo Entertainment
1995 "Experience No. 2" - Aphrodite Zoo Entertainment
  • Chart information courtesy of Billboard.com and Allmusic.com

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