Ajax 23

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Specifications Under Current Rules
Number of crew 3
LOA 7.07m 23 ft 3 in
Beam 1.95m 6 ft 5 in
Hull weight (with fittings) 854 kg 1900 lb
Sail Area of Main and Jib 20.0 m² 215 sq.ft
Sail Area Spinnaker 20.62 m² 220 sq.ft

The Ajax 23 is a keelboat designed by Oliver Lee in 1967. It is a 23ft boat sailed by 3 people. The Ajax 23 is built out of GRP and built by Halmatic. Roughly 60 boats are in existence with 1 in Sydney another in Ireland and the rest split between sailing on the River Orwell at Woolverstone near Ipswich at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club and in St Mawes, Cornwall.

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