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League Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Location Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam
Ballpark O.V.V.O. Stadium
Year founded 1922–1972
League championships 1924, 1928, 1942, 1948
Colors Red and white



Ajax Honkbalvereniging Amsterdam (English: Ajax Baseball Club Amsterdam) (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːjɑks]), also referred to as Ajax HVA, Ajax Amsterdam or simply Ajax (after the legendary Greek hero), was a Dutch professional baseball club based in Amsterdam. The club were founding members of the Dutch Hoofdklasse, where they competed since the leagues inception in 1922 until the club folded in 1972, having won the league title a total four times.[1]

The team was associated with acclaimed Dutch football club AFC Ajax, in the their attempt to expand into Baseball, having spent 50 years at the top flight of professional baseball in the Netherlands.[2]


Ajax - Sparta 23 July 1967

As founding members of the Dutch Hoofdklasse in 1922, Amsterdam's well-known football club AFC Ajax fielded a baseball team in the highest level of professional baseball in the Netherlands, playing their home matches at the stadium of OVVO on the Kruislaan in Amsterdam-Oost.[3] Famous former players include Marco Nagelkerke, Ruben Leijsner, Peter Hendriks, Boy Balinger, Ko van Wijk, Leo van Wijk, Henri Kok, Dassy Jasmijn, Jessie de La Noi. In 1972 the club decided to no longer field a baseball team, and to focus solely on football, leaving the baseball players of Ajax without a club.[4] The players soon found a new sponsor with mustard manufacturing company Luycks. Finally merging with another baseball club from Amsterdam the Giants Diemen, together they formed the Luycks Giants, which replaced both its former clubs.[5]

Legendary Dutch association football player Johan Cruijff, played for the clubs baseball team during the Summer (offseason), early on in his career. He played in various positions on the team, as seen playing as a Catcher in a photograph dated from 1961 on the clubs website.[6]

Notable former players[edit]

  • Netherlands Johan Cruijff
  • Netherlands Marco Nagelkerke
  • Netherlands Ruben Leijsner
  • Netherlands Peter Hendriks
  • Netherlands Boy Balinger
  • Netherlands Ko van Wijk
  • Netherlands Leo van Wijk
  • Netherlands Henri Kok
  • Netherlands Dassy Jasmijn
  • Netherlands Jessie de la Noi



1924, 1928, 1942, 1948


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