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Ajaylat is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°45′25″N 12°22′34″E / 32.75694°N 12.37611°E / 32.75694; 12.37611Coordinates: 32°45′25″N 12°22′34″E / 32.75694°N 12.37611°E / 32.75694; 12.37611
Country  Libya
Region Tripolitania
District Nuqat al Khams
 • Total 4,878
Time zone UTC+2

Ajaylat (Arabic: العجيلاتal ʿajaylat) is the name of a region and small city located in the Nuqat al Khams district of Libya with an estimated population of almost 100,000. It is located roughly 80 kilometers west of Tripoli. From 1983 to 1988, the region was a district of Libya with the city as its capital.[1]

Tribal Groups[edit]

The region's tribal groups (qabā’il)[2] are currently divided into two primary federations or sections, including: (1)gehat alwadi (جهة الوادي)Aulād[3] Hamid, which consists of; Al-e’rīshāt ( العريشات ); Al-ma’īzāt (المعيزات ); Ul-qauādī (القواضى ); and Al-hersheh (الهرشة ): The second section is known as the ( 2) Aulād Rāshid'اولاد راشد', which consists of; Aulād Al-Sheikh; and Aulād Rāshid. AULAD ALSHIK (اولاد الشيخ )which consists of AULAD MOUSA اولاد موسى AULD BOZED اولاد ابوزيد ALMASHARA المشارة, ALDRABA الدرباء.

The total population in the minţaqa (area) Al-A’jēlāt is estimated at about 100,000 individuals scattered among those tribes.


The Ajaylat region is most famous for the cultivation of palm trees, olives and various types of vegetables. There is also a medical center.

Libyan civil war[edit]

On 14 August 2011, anti-Gaddafi forces fighting in the Libyan Civil War claimed they had taken Ajaylat.


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