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Ajiboyede was a successful but autocratic king of Oyo. He succeeded Orompoto.

Ajanlapa and peaceful reign[edit]

According to Oyo tales, the empire was attacked by King of Nupe, Lajomo during Ajiboyede's time in office. Originally, the battle was going in favor of the invaders until a bit of trickery and heroism by Ajanlapa, the Osi-wefa changed the course and gave favor to the Oyos. To commemorate Ajanlapa's valor in war, the King created a special honor in the palace for Ajanlapa's son. The son was given a full time and rare permission to be a guest in the palace of the Alaafin and to take the stead in place of the king at some occasions.

A festival known as Bebe was started to celebrate peace on the victory of Oyo over the Nupes. During the peaceful period, commerce and agriculture thrived, and the new capital of Igboho began to grow as a result of a favorable geographical location and population concentration. In the process, two major markets were established during his reign, and the city became a major trade route for acquiring horses from Hausaland.


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