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Main entrance to Akademie Schloss Solitude.

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is a foundation under public law. The main aspect of the Akademie is to promote mainly younger, particularly gifted artists by means of residency fellowships and also by organizing events and exhibitions by its residents. The Akademie Schloss Solitude is subsidized by the State of Baden-Württemberg (Lottery).

The artists are living and working in ready-furnished studios, that are located in the adjoining buildings of the Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. The internationality of this institution, the interdisciplinarity in the work, which is the result of scientific and artistic exchange, and the openness to novelties are significant characteristics of the Akademie Schloss Solitude.


Interior view with architectural installation

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is granting fellowships since 1990. They are granted every 24 months in different terms (from 6 to 12 months). Artists from all over the world can apply for a fellowship of following artistic disciplines: Architecture, Design, Literature, Music/Sound, Performing Art, Video/Film/New Media and Visual Art. Humanists, natural scientists and economists can apply for the »art, science & business« program.
The next application round will take place between July and October 2010 for the fellowships during the time period 2011-2013. For further informations please see the homepage of the Akademie Schloss Solitude (see address below).

Interior of a studio.

Jurors Generation 12 (2009/2011)[edit]

  • Economics: Caroline Gerschlager (Vienna, Austria)
  • Humanities: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford, USA)
  • Natural sciences: Vadim Bolshakov (Boston, USA)

Board of trustees[edit]

  • Representatives from the sphere of art: Hedwig Fijen, Werner Fritsch, Joerg Mainka, Erik Ona, Ilma Rakusa, Gabriele Roethemeyer, Hans-Joachim Ruckhaeberle, Karin Sander, Thomas Schadt, Klaus Schrenk, Manuel Soubeyrand, Ursula Zeller.
  • Representatives from the public sphere: Udo Dahmen, Horst Franke, Philipp Haußmann, Michael Hutter, Ludwig Krapf, Uli Mayer-Johanssen, Ruediger Muengersdorff, Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Lothar Späth, Willi Steul, Anke te Heesen, Bernt Graf zu Dohna
  • Representatives from virtue of office: Heiderose Berroth, Susanne Eisenmann, Helen Heberer, Sabine Kurtz, Susanne Laugwitz-Aulbach, Brigitte Loesch, Christoph Palm, Nils Schmid


Jean-Baptiste Joly (Director of the Akademie, since he founded it in 1990)
Angela Butterstein (Press and Public Relations)
Anita Carey-Yard (Archive and Library)
Sibylle Eidenhardt (Cafeteria), Martha Fauser (Cafeteria), Christa Ley (Cafeteria)
Horst Kaag (House and Facilities Technician)
Ernst Ludwig (Workshop Director)
Claudia Mitev (Press and Public Relations)
Silke Pflüger (Grant Coordinator)
Marieanne Roth (Event Coordinator)
Klaus Thieringer (Administrative Director)
Anne Vollenbröker (Assistant for art, science & business)
Julia Warmers (Program Coordinator for art, science & business)
Inge Wohlgemuth (Secretary)

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