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Akalanka (c. 8th century CE) was a Jain logician whose works are seen as landmarks in Indian logic. He belonged to the Digambara sect of Jainism.[1] His work Astasati, a commentary on Aptamimansa of Samantabhadra deals mainly with jaina logic. He was a contemporary of Rashtrakuta king Krishna I. Tattvārtharājavārtika was a commentary on Tattvartha Sutra of Umasvati. He greatly contributed to the development of the philosophy of Anekantavada.[2]


Various works are attributed to Akalanka. Some of these are:[1]

  • Laghiyastraya
  • Pramānasangraha
  • Nyāyaviniscaya-vivarana
  • Siddhiviniscaya-vivarana
  • Astasati
  • Tattvārtharājavārtika


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