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Jin Akanishi
赤西 仁
Birth name 赤西 仁 (Akanishi Jin)
Born (1984-07-04) July 4, 1984 (age 30)
Chiba, Japan
Origin Koto, Tokyo, Japan
Genres Pop, dance, electronic, R&B, hip hop
Occupations Singer-songwriter, arranger, artist, actor, television personality
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Years active 1998–present
Labels Go Good Records (current)
, J-One Records, Warner Music Group
Associated acts KAT-TUN , LANDS, Jason Derulo, Crystal Kay
Website jinakanishi.com

Jin Akanishi (赤西 仁 Akanishi Jin?, born July 4, 1984) is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, actor, voice actor, and former radio host.

Akanishi is a former member of the J-pop boy band, KAT-TUN, and was one of the two lead vocalists.[1][2] Since the group's debut in 2006, it has achieved 14 consecutive number ones (including studio albums) on the Oricon charts.[3][4]

Akanishi is also an actor with roles in the movies 47 Ronin, Bandage and Japanese dramas such as the second season of popular NTV school dramas Gokusen 2, Yukan Club, and the romantic comedy Anego. He was also a co-host of KAT-TUN's own variety show, Cartoon KAT-TUN, and used to host a radio program called "KAT-TUN Style" with ex-bandmate Junnosuke Taguchi from October 2007 to March 2008.

Early life[edit]

Akanishi was born in Chiba, Japan on July 4, 1984[5] and is the eldest of two sons. His family consists of his parents and his younger brother, Reo.[6] His given name, Jin ("benevolence"), comes from one of the five Confucian virtues. He moved to Tokyo in the first grade.[7]

In 1997, when he was still in grade school, a classmate sent in a photo of him to [Japanese idol|idol magazine], Myojo, and he was featured in the "Cool Classmates" corner of the issue.[8] Akanishi expressed interest in the entertainment industry and his mother thus sent in an application to Johnny's Entertainment on his behalf in 1998. Though he technically failed his audition on November 8, 1998, he was told to stay when he tried to return his number plate to a man who happened to be Johnny Kitagawa himself.[8]

Recording career[edit]

2001–2006: Early career[edit]

After he was made a Johnny's Jr. member in 2000, Akanishi was part of a number of groups like Musical Academy Dancing, J2000 and B.A.D. before being drafted into a six-member unit in 2001 with other juniors Kazuya Kamenashi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Koki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru. Though the group was originally meant to only be backup dancers for Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids, the sextet's unexpected popularity led their agency to allow them to expand into a separate group called KAT-TUN, an acronym formed by the first letter of the members' surnames. Despite the group's popularity (they even released DVDs of their live concerts in 2003 and 2005—a first for Johnny's groups that hadn't debuted), they were not allowed to make their bow until five years later.

2006–2010: Debut as a member of KAT-TUN[edit]

KAT-TUN's debut on March 22, 2006 was marked by a tripartite release of their debut single, debut album and a DVD chronicling the making of their first music video. All three releases were immensely successful on the Oricon charts with "Real Face" and "Real Face Film" certified as the best-selling single and domestic music DVD of 2006 respectively. The group's next single, "Signal", was also a massive hit debuting at number 1 and selling more than 500,000 copies.

Much to the Japanese public's surprise, Akanishi announced in a press conference on October 13, 2006 that he was leaving the country to study English abroad for an indefinite amount of time.[9] Despite his absence, KAT-TUN were obliged to continue its activities and released their third single and second studio album, "Bokura no Machi de" and Cartoon KAT-TUN II You, which both topped the charts.[10] Akanishi finally returned from Los Angeles, the United States after six months on April 19, 2007.[11] He quickly resumed work by joining his bandmates on their nationwide tour on April 21.[12] All of KAT-TUN's subsequent singles and albums have since debuted at number 1 and the band has sold more than 6 million records in just over three years.[13]

Akanishi is also a songwriter having written songs for KAT-TUN and for himself, including "Hesitate", "Love or Like" (from Cartoon KAT-TUN II You), "Lovejuice" (B-side of the limited edition 2 of "Don't U Ever Stop"), "Care" (from Break the Records: By You & For You, and "Wonder." The song "Wonder" is a collaboration with R&B artist, Crystal Kay.[14] Akanishi is also featured in the song "Helpless Night" from Crystal Kay's greatest hits album Best of Crystal Kay, released on September 2, 2009. He can play the guitar and has composed both music and lyrics for "Murasaki (ムラサキ?)", "ha-ha" and "Pinky". He also collaborated with bandmate Ueda to create the song, "Butterfly" (from Best of KAT-TUN).

2009–2010: Rocking with LANDS[edit]

At the event of Tokyo Girls Collection on September 5, 2009, Jin appeared as a special guest to promote his new movie, BANDAGE, he performed the movie's theme song which marked this as the solo debut under the temporary unit LANDS with Takeshi Kobayashi, the producer of Mr. Children. Kobayashi wrote the lyrics and music of their debut single "Bandage". The song features drummer Nobuaki Kaneko of Rize. It was released on November 25, 2009. And each copy contained a postcard to enter the drawing for tickets to LANDS' special concert, held on January 16, 2010 in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

On January 13, 2010, LANDS released the album, Olympos, it included "Bandage" and seven other songs.[15]

2010: Solo concerts and United States tour[edit]

Akanishi had a series of solo concerts, "Akanishi Jin Star Live You & Jin", comprising a total of 32 shows from February 7, 2010 to February 28, 2010. The song "A Page" featured at his concerts, was released as part of KAT-TUN's 11th single, "Love Yourself (Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki)," on the 2nd limited edition on February 10, 2010. He composed and arranged the song "A Page." He also co-wrote its lyrics. Announced on March 24, 2010, Akanishi's solo tour "You & Jin" had a 3 show tour in Los Angeles, California on June 19 and June 20. The solo tour tickets were sold out in the first hour when it began to sell on April 15.

In the last show of his You&Jin concert Akanishi announced a tour in the United States.[16] In July 2010, Akanishi announced that he would leave the band KAT-TUN, becoming a solo artist of Johnny & Associates.[17] On September 16, 2010, dates for Akanishi's fall tour were released and the cities included were: Chicago, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.[16] The tour was named 'Yellow Gold Tour 3010' after the tour's title song "Yellow Gold" written by Jin Akanishi, Jovette Rivera, and Joey Carbone.[18][19]

The tour featured was held entirely in English, including 14 English-language songs that are mostly written and produced by the singer himself.[20] On December 9, 2010, it was announced that Jin will be joining the Warner Music family. Warner Music Group and Warner Music Japan signed Jin on a global basis and became responsible for his recording career in both English and Japanese language.

After the Yellow Gold tour 3010 ended with success, Jin returned to Japan. To thank his fans for their support and love, Jin held in total 12 concerts in Osaka-jō Hall, World Memorial Hall, Nippon Budokan and Saitama Super Arena.

Jin's first solo single titled "Eternal", was released on March 2, 2011 under Warner Music Group Japan. His debut single in the U.S entitled "Test Drive" is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Jason Derulo and produced by J. R. Rotem. A DVD of his "Yellow Gold Tour 3011" concert tour was released on May 4, 2011.[21][22]

2011–2012: Japonicana, the beginning of the U.S. debut[edit]

In December 2010, Jin Akanishi signed a global deal with Warner Music Group.[23] It was announced that Jin Akanishi would release his first U.S. debut single titled "Test Drive" featuring Jason Derulo, on November 8, 2011 at 7AM PST. In addition to his U.S. debut, Akanishi held a live Ustream to answer questions from his fans.[24]

Documenting his US debut journey, Akanishi released the first episode of his web series, The Takeover, on October 27.[25]

After debuting on November 8, 2011, Jin Akanishi's U.S. debut single "Test Drive" featuring Jason Derülo reached the #1 spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart.[26] In the single's Japanese release, it has peaked at number 14 on the Japan Hot 100, while the EP debuted at number 1.

Comeback at the Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 A/W fashion event.

Akanishi released his second single "Sun Burns Down" on January 26 which reached the #1 spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart again, this would be his second continuous #1 spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart. He also plans to release his debut album titled "Japonicana" and to embark on another US tour in March.[27]

His further plans were abruptly cancelled due to a penalty by his own agency.[28]

2013: A fashionable comeback[edit]

On August 7, 2013, he released a new Japanese single titled "Hey What's Up?", which was chosen as the first official theme song for the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show, which was held on the 31st of that same month at the Saitama Super Arena. In addition to it, the fashion event also marked his first public performance as a special musical guest.[29] Another single, "Ai Naru Hou e" was released in October 2.[30]

Akanishi released his first Japanese album, "#JUSTJIN", on November 6. The self-produced album included all the singles released in Japan since his solo debut in 2011, and a second bonus disc featured songs written in English during his Japonicana era.[31]

2014: Indies re-debut[edit]

It was made known to the public on March 3, 2014, that Akanishi had decided not to renew his contract with Johnny & Associates, and had left the agency as of February 28.[32] His joint contract with Warner Music was also terminated.

On July 4, 2014, Akanishi revealed his new official website and announced that he had set up his own independent label, Go Good Records. He also opened his new fan club, "JIP's" (Jin's Important People), and within 10 minutes, member applications for JIP's exceeded 15,000.[33]

Under Go Good Records, he re-debuted with the single "Good Time", released on August 6.[34] The single was also made available on iTunes Stores across the globe.[35]

Acting career[edit]

Akanishi made his debut as an actor in 1999 in a cameo appearance in the second episode of NTV's romance comedy, P.P.O.I., and also had small roles in TV Asahi's Best Friend, Omae no yukichi ga naiteiru and in NHK series, Haregi, Koko Ichiban. He also started appearing in musicals from 2000 taking on supporting roles in Millennium Shock (2000), Show Geki Shock (2001–2002), Dream Boy (2004) and Dream Boys (2006). Akanishi returned to the small screen in 2005 in the second season of the award-winning and popular NTV school drama, Gokusen, starring opposite Yukie Nakama and former bandmate Kazuya Kamenashi. The show won "Best Drama" at the 44th Television Drama Academy Awards and ended its run with an average viewership rating of 27.8%. He also had a supporting role in NTV's romance series, Anego, the same year.

In 2007, Akanishi starred in his first lead role in Yukan Club, a school comedy series, with ex-bandmate Junnosuke Taguchi and was voted "Best Actor" at the 11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix.[36] He made his debut as a voice actor in 2008 for the Japanese dub of Speed Racer, providing the voice for protagonist Speed played by Emile Hirsch.[37]

In 2009, Akanishi was cast as the lead actor in the movie, Bandage, directed by Takeshi Kobayashi and release on January 16, 2010. This marked his debut on the big screen.[38]

In 2013, he made his Hollywood debut with the film 47 Ronin which also had Keanu Reeves in the lead role.[39] Akanishi played the role of Chikara Oishi, the samurai leader's son, played by Hiroyuki Sanada and a close friend to Reeves' character, Kai. The film's director, Carl Erik Rinsch, said he was "impressed by Akanishi's English abilities and motivation".[40]

Thus, he turned out to be the second Johnny & Associates artist within the agency after Ninomiya Kazunari in Letters From Iwo Jima to star in a Hollywood movie and the third overall to work with an American director. Technically speaking, Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS was the second in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, but that movie is considered to be a Japanese production directed by Hans Canosa.



Jin Akanishi possesses a tenor vocal range.[41]

Personal life[edit]

On February 2, 2012, Akanishi married actress Meisa Kuroki in a private ceremony.[42] This caused quite an uproar among the Japanese media for, allegedly, not contacting his agency beforehand. Thus, resulting on his activities suspension as penalization.[43] Their first daughter, Theia,[44] was born on September 23, 2012.[45]



Main article: KAT-TUN discography

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Information Track Listing Chart positions
Total sales
2010 Olympos
  • Released as a part of Lands with Takeshi Kobayashi
  • Released: January 13, 2010
  • Label: J Storm (JACA-5189)
  • Formats: CD
  • Languages: Japanese
  1. Olympos
  2. Genki (Ska version)
  3. Hatachi no Sensou
  4. Yuuki
  5. Kodou
  7. Hatachi no Sensou (Y's Edit)
  8. Genki (Perfect Issue)
  9. Thank You
1 143,000
2012 Japonicana
  1. Sun Burns Down
  2. California Rock (ft. Prophet)
  3. That's What She Said (ft. Uffie)
  4. Like You
  5. Set Love Free
  6. Aphrodisiac (ft. Static Revenger)
  7. Oowah
  8. Test Drive (ft. Jason Derulo)(7th Heaven remix)
  9. Tell Me Where
  10. Yellow Gold
  11. Magnitude
  12. Body Talk
1 80,331
  • Released: November 6, 2013
  • Label: Warner Music Japan (WPCL-11682, WPCL-11684, WPZL-30773)
  • Formats: CD
  • Languages: Japanese and English

Disc 1

  1. Ai Naru Hou e (アイナルホウエ?)
  2. Get Up
  3. Seasons
  4. Love Song
  5. Hey What's Up?
  6. Scream It
  7. Seasons
  8. Ano natsu (アノナツ?, "That summer")
  9. Eternal

Disc 2

  1. TGC
  2. Temporary Love
  3. OohLaLa
  4. Go Higher
  5. Slow Jam
  6. Summer Loving
  7. Ain't Enough
  8. New Life
3 45,787[49] [50]

Extended plays[edit]

Year Album Information Chart positions
Total sales
2011 Test Drive
  • Released: January 13, 2010
  • Label: Warner (WPCR-14366)
  • Formats: CD
  • Languages: English
1 123,000


Release Title Notes Chart positions Oricon
Oricon Singles Charts
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks
2009 "Bandage" As a part of Lands 1 1 257,000 Olympos
2011 "Eternal" 1 1 6 242,000 #JUSTJIN
"Test Drive" featuring Jason Derülo US debut single 16 13 Japonicana
"Seasons" 1 24 19 114,000 #JUSTJIN
2012 "Sun Burns Down" 23 20 Japonicana
2013 "Hey What's Up?" Comeback single 2 126,793 #JUSTJIN
2013 "Ai Naru Hou e" (アイナルホウエ?) 3 4 48,815
2014 Good Time Indies

Other charted songs[edit]

Release Title Notes Chart positions Album
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks
2010 "Genki" (元気?, "Cheer up") As a part of LANDS 57 Olympos
2011 "Tipsy Love" 50 Test Drive
"My MP3" 55


Year Title Setlist
2011 Yellow Gold Tour 3011
  1. Yellow Gold (remix)
  2. Christmas Morning
  3. Magnitude
  4. Bass Go Boom
  5. I.N.P
  6. Oowah
  7. Body Talk
  8. Care
  9. "Murasaki" (ムラサキ?, "Purple")
  10. A Page
  12. Paparats
  13. Hey Girl
  14. Pin Dom
  15. Wonder
  16. The Fifth Season
  17. Yellow Gold
  18. My MP3
  19. Tipsy Love
  20. Eternal
2014 Jin Akanishi's Club Circuit Tour
  1. TGC
  2. Ain't Enough
  3. Go Higher
  4. Temporary Love
  5. Summer Loving
  6. Key to Your Heart ~Kimi no Kokoro no Kagi~
  7. Ai Naru Hou e
  8. Ano Natsu
  9. Love Song
  10. Scream It
  11. DJ Set ~Test Drive, That's What She Said, Aphrodisiac~
  12. Sun Burns Down
  13. Slow Jam
  14. Like You
  15. New Life
  16. Oohlala
  17. Tell Me Where
  18. Hey What's Up?

As featured artist[edit]

Year Title Artist Album
2009 "Helpless Night"
Crystal Kay
Best of Crystal Kay


Film and television[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2008 Speed Racer Speed Racer (voice) Dubbed the Japanese version of the movie.[53]
2010 Bandage Natsu Takasugi Main role and singing voice
2013 47 Ronin Chikara Oishi Supporting role
Year Title Role Notes
1999 Nekketsu Ren-ai Dou 1999 TV series, NTV. Minor role
1999 P.P.O.I. Hisashi Kimura 1999 TV series, NTV. Supporting role.
1999 Kowai Nichiyōbi 1999 TV series, NTV
1999 Best Friend Ryota Shibuya 1999 TV series, TV Asahi. Supporting role
2000 Taiyō wa Shizumanai 2000 TV series, Episode 6, Fuji TV. Minor role
2000 Haregi, Koko Ichiban 2000 TV series, NHK. Supporting role
2001 Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru Naoto Inoue 2001 TV series, TV Asahi
2005 Xmas Nante Daikirai Sho Kitagawa 2004 TV series, NTV
2005 Gokusen 2 (ごくせん 2005) Hayato Yabuki 2005 TV series, NTV. Ensemble cast
2005 Anego (アネゴ) Akihiko Kurosawa 2005 TV series, NTV
2007 Yukan Club (有閑倶楽部) Miroku Shochikubai 2007 TV series, NTV. Ensemble cast


Year Title Role Notes
2002 Shock Ensemble cast
2004 Dream Boy Ensemble cast
2004 Summary Ensemble cast
2006 Dream Boys Ensemble cast

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Year Nominated work Category Result
17th TV LIFE Drama award 2007 Yukan Club Best Actor Won
11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix 2008 Yukan Club Best Actor[54] Won
Anan Magazine 2008 Ranking 2008 Jin Akanishi Most Wanted Lover, Most Sexy, Most Wanted To Be Hugged By Won
TBS TV Station Program Countdown 2009 Jin Akanishi Most Trendy Male Artist Won
35th Hochi Film Awards 2010 Bandage Best Actor[55] Nominated
Best Newcomer[55] Nominated
Billboard Japan Music Awards 2012 Jin Akanishi Top Pop Artist [56] Nominated
World Music Awards 2013 Jin Akanishi World's Best Entertainer of the Year [57] Nominated
World Music Awards 2013 Jin Akanishi Worlds Best Male Artist [58] Nominated
World Music Awards 2013 Jin Akanishi Worlds Best Live Act [59] Nominated

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