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Akari is a Japanese given name and term meaning "light" or "glimmer". It is also associated with:


  • Akari (satellite), an infrared astronomy satellite developed by JAXA, in cooperation with institutes of Europe and Korea
  • AKARI Project, in telecommunications, refers to the AKARI Architecture Design Project of Japan
  • Light Up (puzzle), a logic puzzle


  • Akari Takeuchi (born 1997), Japanese idol singer, member of S/mileage
  • Akari Asahina (born 1988), Japanese AV idol, actress and gravure model
  • Akari Hayami (born 1995), Japanese idol singer, actress and model
  • Akari Hibino (born 1959), Japanese voice actress
  • Akari Kaida (born 1974), video game music composer
  • Akari Ogata (born 1990), female Japanese judoka
  • Akari Saho (born 1995), member of Up-Up Girls and a former member of Hello! Pro Egg
  • Akari Uemura (born 1998), Japanese pop singer and idol pop singer