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The Akatziroi were probably one of the Turkic tribes in the Hunnish tribal confederacy.[1] The Maeotian Akatziroi were ruled by a king called Karadach or Karidachus, and appear in the account of Priscus who suggested that the name refers to the Thraco-Dacian tribe of the Agathyrsi. While there may be some basis to this, any parallels with the Kazarigs/Kotrags/Kutrigurs on the other hand is purely coincidental. Dengizich ruled them after Karadach.[citation needed]

The 1897 and 1911 editions of Encyclopædia Britannica speculated that the Akatziroi were in fact a component in the early make up of the Khazars, hypothesizing that their name derives from the Turkic "Ak-Khazar", or "White Khazar", the name of the group of tribes composing the warrior aristocracy of the Khazar nation.


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