Akhmat Tower

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Akhmat Tower
Башня Ахмат
General information
Status Proposed
Type Apartments, Offices, Mall, Parking
Location Grozny, Russia
Construction started Unknown
Completed Unknown
Owner Unknown
Roof 400 m
Technical details
Floor count 80
Design and construction
Developer Unknown

Akhmat Tower is a supertall skyscraper proposed in Grozny, Russia.

The tower is 400 meters, 80 floors.[1] The tower is heavily influenced by Nakh architecture - it is modeled after the military towers. The tower will incorporate offices, apartments, parking, a museum, and public space.[2] The base is shaped as an 8 pointed star. The whole complex is situated on 19 hectares. There will be a 260 meter pool in the shape of a crescent.[3]

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