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Akiaki Island - Map.jpg
Map of Akiaki, courtesy Mr. Minton.
Akiaki is located in French Polynesia
Coordinates 18°33′S 139°13′W / 18.550°S 139.217°W / -18.550; -139.217
Archipelago Tuamotu
Area 1.3 km2 (0.50 sq mi)
Overseas collectivity  French Polynesia
Administrative subdivision Tuamotus
Commune Nukutavake
Population Uninhabited

Coordinates: 18°33′S 139°13′W / 18.550°S 139.217°W / -18.550; -139.217 Akiaki is a low coral atoll in the eastern area of the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. Akiaki's nearest neighbor is Vahitahi, which is located 41 km to the southeast.

Akiaki is a small atoll rising barely above sea level. The total land surface is only 1.3 km². Its reef is occupied by a single flat island covered with coconut trees and other vegetation. There is no lagoon and it has only a difficult landing located on its northwestern side.

Akiaki is uninhabited, but is visited occasionally for its coconut plantations.


The first recorded European that arrived to Akiaki Atoll was Louis Antoine de Bougainville in 1768. He called this atoll Ile des Lanciers. James Cook reached Akiaki the following year, during his first voyage, and named it Thrum Island.


Akiaki lies on top of a small seamount which is part of the Tuamotu Seamount Trail on the Pacific Plate. Akiaki's seamount is 3420 m high.


Administratively Vahitahi Atoll belongs to the commune of Nukutavake, which includes Nukutavake, as well as the atolls of Vahitahi, Vairaatea, Pinaki and Akiaki.