Akku (film)

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Directed by Mamani
Written by Mamani
Starring Anu Hasan
Riyaz Khan
Music by Sriram
Release dates
  • 22 February 2008 (2008-02-22)
Country India
Language Tamil

Akku is a Tamil film starring Anu Hasan and Riyaz Khan that flopped at the box-office.[1]


Siva (Ajay) is an IT professional and an orphan who falls in love with Bhanu (Sriji) a chirpy girl whose brother a long haired bearded guy (Rakshai) is a big time terrorist (!!) who is planning to bomb Chennai city! One day Siva and Bhanu elope, but are caught by terrorist big brother. The guy a bomb maker thinks of a unique way of taking revenge on Siva and also putting his plans to bomb the city. He plants a shoe bomb on Siva and dumps him in the city center and asks him to start running and if he slows down it will explode killing all the people near him!

Siva starts running through Chennai city and soon the police led by Asst. Commissioner (Riyaz Khan), bomb squad officer Anu (Anu Hasan) are behind him trying their best to defuse the bomb and save him and the city. How the bomb is defused after a lot of twists and turns is what the rest of the film is about.