Aklan State University

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Aklan State University
Aklan State University Logo.png
Motto Academic Pillar of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Established 1917;[1]
2001 (as university);
1963 (as college)
Type Public
President Dr. Danilo E. Abayon
Location Banga, Aklan, Philippines
Nickname asu-ians
Website www.asu.edu.ph

The Aklan State University (ASU) is an educational institution in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Its main campus is located in the town of Banga in Aklan, with four other campuses across the province. The ASU focuses on agriculture, fishery, arts and sciences, engineering and technology, and education.

Formerly known as the Aklan State College of Agriculture (ASCA) and the Aklan Agricultural College (AAC), the institution gained university status on April 4, 2001 with the signing of Republic Act 9055 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


The ASU-Banga campus from the university hotel

Banga (main) campus[edit]

The Aklan State University has five campuses, the biggest of which is located in Banga. The Banga Campus occupies 100 hectares of land below Manduyog Hill, a tourist attraction famous for its life-sized Way of the Cross.

The Banga Campus of the ASU is home to the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Science (CAFES), College of Teacher Education (CTE), School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), Graduate School (GS) transferred to New Washington Campus, and the most recent school the School of Management Sciences (SMS) previously under the SAS and now under by the supervision of CAFES.

Being the main campus of the university, the ASU-Banga has the best facilities of all five campuses with a swimming pool, dormitories, and a university hotel that also caters to non-ASU people.

Kalibo campus[edit]

ASU campus in Kalibo, the provincial capital of Aklan, is home to the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) formerly known as School of Industrial Technology (SIT). ASU-Kalibo Campus is also called the ASU-CIT. Located in Andagao, a busy area in Kalibo, ASU-Kalibo is the smallest of the five campuses, occupying 8 hectares, yet with the biggest number of student enrolled and the highest income earner among the five ASU campuses.

The Kalibo campus was formerly called the Roxas Memorial School of Arts and Trades (until 1983), and then as the Roxas Memorial College of Arts and Trades (whose acronym was pronounced as "RAM-CAT").

Ibajay campus[edit]

The ASU campus in Ibajay is home to the College of Hospitality And Rural Resource Management(CHARRM). The campus was formerly known as the Western Aklan Polytechnic College, and before that as the Ibajay National Agricultural and Industrial School. Located in Colong-Colong, the campus occupies 25 hectares of land.

Makato Campus[edit]

The ASU campus in Makato originally served as an extension high school, and was thus called the ASU Annex. As of 2006, the campus is home to the Teacher Education Center (TEC), and occupies 10 hectares in Barangay Castillo.

New Washington Campus[edit]

The ASU campus in New Washington is home to the College of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (CFMS) formerly known as the School of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (SFMS), and occupies 13 hectares of land.

Colleges, schools and centers[edit]

Banga (Main) Campus

Kalibo Campus

  • Industrial Technology, College of

Ibajay Campus

  • Rural Resources Development and Management, School of

Makato Campus

  • Teacher Education Center

New Washington Campus


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