Akra Kaur Dam

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Akra Kaur Dam
Akra Kaur Dam is located in Pakistan
Akra Kaur Dam
Location of Akra Kaur Dam
Country Pakistan
Location Gawadar, Balochistan
Coordinates 25°21′29″N 62°16′44″E / 25.35806°N 62.27889°E / 25.35806; 62.27889Coordinates: 25°21′29″N 62°16′44″E / 25.35806°N 62.27889°E / 25.35806; 62.27889
Status Operational
Opening date 1995
Construction cost $24 million
Owner(s) Government of Balochistan

Akra Kaur Dam, sometimes also referred to as Ankara Kaur Dam, is located near Gawadar in Balochistan, Pakistan. The dam was constructed in 1995 [1] at a cost of $24 million [2] to supply water to Gawadar and adjoining villages. It is the sole source of water supply to residents of the Gwadar District area. The dam stretches over an area of 17,000 acres (6,900 ha; 27 sq mi).[3]

In 2005, torrential rain in the area caused an overflow from the dam, inundating a number of villages and claiming at least 20 lives. [4] In July 2012, reports emerged that the dam had dried up completely due to large-scale siltation. This has posed serious water supply challenges to local residents, including acute shortage of drinking water.[5][6][7]

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