Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

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Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan
امیر محمد اکرم اعوان
Born (1934-12-31) 31 December 1934 (age 79)
Noorpur, Chakwal, Pakistan
Other names Ameer_Imam
Nationality  Pakistan
Region Munara, Chakwal District
Occupation Farmer and Coal mining
Jurisprudence Hanafi
Movement Tanzeem Alikhwan, Pakistan
Main interest(s) Islamic Tasawwuf, Shari'a Implementation, Quran, Tafsir,
Notable idea(s) Teach Tasawwuf to common man, Shari'a Implementation
Notable work(s) Translation and Tafsir of Quran
Sufi order Naqshbandia Owaisiah
Disciple of Maulana Allah Yar Khan
Awards The Muslim 500, ranked in top 500 most influential Muslims[1]

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (Urdu: امیر محمد اکرم اعوان‎) (born 31 December 1934 in British India) is Islamic Scholar[2] and Shaikh of the IslamicTasawwuf order Naqshbandia Owaisiah (Urdu: نقشبندیه اویسیه‎). He is a scholar of the Quran and has written Translation for common man in Urdu named Akram ut Tarajim[3], Tafsir (commentary) of Quran named Asrar ut Tanzil[4] and many other books.[5]

Early Years[edit]

Ameer started to learn the mystic way of Sufism at the age of 24, when he met Sufi master Maulana Allah Yar Khan. He worked in close association with his Shaikh for twenty-five years. He became the Sheikh of Sufi order Naqshbandia Owaisiah in 1984 after the death of Maulana Allah Yar Khan.


Ameer deliver lecture[6] every Friday at Jumu'ah prayer on the tafsir of [Quran][7] and [Sufism][8] in Urdu at Dar ul Irfan, Munarah.


Ameer has authored a number of books on Islamic topics in addition to a large number of articles on Islamic Tasawwuf.[5]



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