Akshayuk Pass

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Akshayuk Pass is located in Nunavut
Akshayuk Pass
Mount Thor
Mount Thor rising over the Akshayuk Pass valley in 1997

Akshayuk Pass (66°40′02″N 065°07′50″W / 66.66722°N 65.13056°W / 66.66722; -65.13056 (Akshayuk Pass)Coordinates: 66°40′02″N 065°07′50″W / 66.66722°N 65.13056°W / 66.66722; -65.13056 (Akshayuk Pass)), formerly called Pangnirtung Pass, is a 100 km (62 mi) long mountain pass along a spectacular valley through the southern Baffin Mountains, Nunavut, Canada. It contains Summit Lake, which is the highest point on the pass.

Akshayuk Pass is located in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island's Cumberland Peninsula.

Akshayuk Pass is an ancient riverbed that has eroded to its present size and shape providing a travel route through, and drainage for, glaciers that spill into the river valleys below.[1]


Akshayuk Pass from the air, November 2014