Akuma to Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax Together

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Akuma to Freud- Climax Together 2004
Video by Buck-Tick
Released December 22, 2004
Recorded Yokohama Arena (September 11, 2004)
Label BMG/Funhouse
Buck-Tick chronology
At the Night Side
Akuma to Freud- Climax Together 2004
13th Floor With Diana

Akuma to Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax Together is a live concert DVD by Buck-Tick, released on December 22, 2004. It was filmed on September 11, 2004 at Yokohama Arena. The limited edition box set included a second DVD with multiple angles of several songs, and two CDs of the concert.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Calm and Resonance "
  2. "21st Cherry Boy"
  3. "Buster"
  4. "Kick (Daichi o Keru Otoko)" (Kick (大地を蹴る男); Kick (The Man Who Kicked the Earth))
  5. "Asylum Garden"
  6. "Madman Blues ~Minashigo no Yuutsu~" (Madman Blues ~ミナシ児ノ憂鬱~; Orphan's Depression)
  7. "Kimi no Vanilla" (君のヴァニラ; Your Vanilla)
  8. "Candy" (キャンディ)
  9. "Oukoku Kingdom Come -Moon Rise-" (王国 Kingdom Come -Moon Rise-; Kingdom Kingdom Come -Moon Rise-)
  10. "Gensou no Hana" (幻想の花; Flower of Illusion)
  11. "Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete" (極東より愛を込めて; From the Far East with Love)
  12. "Shanikusai -Carnival-" (謝肉祭 -カーニバル-; The Carnival -Carnival-)
  13. "Muchi no Namida" (無知の涙;; Tear for Ignorance)
  14. "Rakuen (Inori Negai)" ( 楽園 (祈り 希い); Paradise (Prayer Wish) )
  15. "Mona Lisa"
  16. "Nocturne -Rain Song-"
  17. "Jupiter"
  18. "Gessekai" (月世界; Lunar World)
  19. "Bran-New Lover"
  20. "Kodou" (鼓動; Heartbeat)
  21. "Physical Neurose"
  22. "Cosmos"