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Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Ashanti Region

Akumadan is a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Akumadan township is well known for its agricultural activities. All sorts of food stuffs can be planted on its soil but they grow tomatoes more than any other food stuffs. 90 percent of natives above 18 years are tomato farmers.they produce more tomato than any other town in Ghana. It has a dam that help to irrigates some farmlands within its reach during dry seasons. Cassava, pepper, onion, garden eggs, plantain,maize etc. are also in abundant. A company called Fomghana has acquired a large land for planting trees near a river that irrigates it. The town is known for the Akumadan Secondary School.[1][2] The school is a second cycle institution.[3] The Asubima Forest Reserve is located about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) east of Akumadan.[4]


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Coordinates: 7°24′N 1°57′W / 7.400°N 1.950°W / 7.400; -1.950