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Iced Akutaq.jpg
Iced akutaq made from raspberries and blueberries
Alternative names Eskimo ice-cream, Native ice-cream, Alaskan ice-cream
Type Dessert
Place of origin United States
Region or state Alaska
Creator Eskimo of Alaskan Natives
Main ingredients fish or meat, fat, sweetener berries
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Akutaq or agutak (ᐊᑯᑕᖅ), also known as Eskimo ice cream, is a common food in western Alaska, consisting of whipped fat mixed with berries, with optional additions such as fish and sugar. The word comes from Yupik and means "something mixed".[1]

There are many variations of Akutaq, but most are based around mixing berries, meat, leaves, or roots with animal oil or fat. Cranberries, salmonberries, crowberries, cloudberries, and blueberries are common fruits. Salmon and caribou are common meats. Reindeer tallow, moose tallow, walrus tallow, caribou tallow, or seal oil can be used. Sugar is sometimes added (although not traditionally). Occasionally, extra water is needed as well.

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