Al-Ahmadiyah Madrasa

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Coordinates: 36°11′54.5″N 37°9′24″E / 36.198472°N 37.15667°E / 36.198472; 37.15667

Al-Ahmadiyah Madrasa
المدرسة الأحمدية
Jallum district
Aleppo, Syria
Type Madrassah
Established 1724
Campus Urban
Affiliation Islamic

Al-Ahmadiyah Madrasa (Arabic: المدرسة الأحمدية‎) is a madrasah complex located in the Jallum district of old Aleppo, Syria. The architectural style of this building resembles the Tekyes structures. The madrasa is rich with rare types of calligraphy used in the ornate inscriptions.[1]

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