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This article is about an Abbasid caliph. For the Islamic prophet, see Muhammad.
Muhammad ibn Harun al-Amin
محمد الأمين بن هارون الرشيد
6th Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate
Reign 809–813
Predecessor Harun al-Rashid
Successor al-Ma'mun
Full name
Muhammad al-Amin ibn Harun al-Rashid
Dynasty Abbasid
Father Harun al-Rashid
Mother Zubaida
Born 787
Died 813
Religion Islam

Muhammad ibn Harun al-Rashid, better known by his regnal name of al-Amin (April 787 – 24/25 September 813) (Arabic: محمد الأمين بن هارون الرشيد‎), was the sixth Abbasid Caliph. He succeeded his father, Harun al-Rashid in 809 and ruled until he was deposed and killed in 813, during the civil war with his brother, al-Ma'mun.