Al-Ayyam (Ramallah)

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For other uses, see Al-Ayyam (disambiguation).
Al Ayyam
Type Daily newspaper
Editor-in-chief Akram Haniyya
Founded 1995; 19 years ago (1995)
Political alignment Pro-government
Language Arabic
Headquarters Ramallah State of Palestine
Official website

Al Ayyam (in Arabic الأيام meaning The Days) is an Arabic language newspaper, based in Ramallah, Palestinian territories.

History and profile[edit]

Al Ayyam was established in 1995, and it's the second-largest circulation daily newspaper in the Palestinian territories.[1] Although it is an independent publication,[2] it is considered to be a pro-government[1] and pro-Fatah paper.[3]

Its editor-in-chief is Akram Haniyya.[4]


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