Al-Beroni University

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Al-Biruni University
Persian: دانشگاه البیرونی
Pashto: د البروني پوهنتون‎
Established 1998
Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Farid Barnayar
Dean 61
Students 4,682 (2014)
Location , Kapisa Province, Afghanistan
Sports Football, Volleyball and Cricket

Al-Beroni University or Al-Biruni University (Persian: دانشگاه البیرونی‎ / Pashto: د البروني پوهنتون‎) is a public university in Afghanistan. It was established in 1998 by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education. The university is named after Abu Rayhan Biruni, a renowned polymath scholar who lived in 11th century Khorasan.

Al Beruni University is located next to Gulbahar Textile Company in the Kohistan district of Kapisa Province, 64 km north of Kabul. An estimated 4682 students are enrolled in the university as of 2014. The current chancellor is Prof. Dr. M. Farid Barnayar. The university has ten faculties:

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