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Arabic: الفاو
Al-Faw is located in Iraq
Coordinates: 29°58′33″N 48°28′20″E / 29.97583°N 48.47222°E / 29.97583; 48.47222Coordinates: 29°58′33″N 48°28′20″E / 29.97583°N 48.47222°E / 29.97583; 48.47222
Country  Iraq
Governorate muhafazah (Arabic: محافظة‎) Al-Basrah (Arabic: البصرة‎)
District (Arabic: قضاءqaḍāʾ, Qadaa) Al-Faw District
Time zone GMT +3 (UTC+3)
South-East Iraq with Al-Faw in the lower right corner of the map
Al-Faw Peninsula, Iraq

Al-Faw (Arabic: الفاو‎; sometimes transliterated as Fao) is a small port on the Al Faw Peninsula in Iraq near the Shatt al-Arab and the Persian Gulf. The Al Faw Peninsula itself is part of the Basrah Governorate.

The town lies at the south-east end of the Al-Faw Peninsula on the right bank of the Shatt al-Arab, only few kilometres away from the Persian Gulf.

The town, as well as the whole Al-Faw Peninsula, has been the scene of armed conflict during the First World War, the Iran–Iraq War, the Gulf War and the Iraq War due to its strategic position at the entrance of the Shatt al-Arab.

The city was extensively damaged during the Iraq-Iran war, but in 1989 it was rebuilt in four months to a new completely new city plan.[1]

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