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Al-Jame-atul Islamia[1] is one of the largest and most reputable[2] Islamic seminaries of Sunni Muslims in India. It is located in Raunahi, Distt. Faizabad, near Lucknow, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India.


Al-Jame-atul-Islamia was founded in 1964 by Qamaruzzaman Azmi. Azmi was supported by a core team of key people such as Dr Syed Mahfoozur Rahman, Dr Syed Habibur Rahman, Haji Syed Mohammed Ilyas, Mr. Mustaque Ahmad, Munne Khan, Itlafat Ahamd Khan, Mohammed Riyaz Khan and Mr. Chaudhari Waseem Ahmad and in 1974, Janab Maulana Quari Jalaluddin Quadri was appointed as Manager who under the headship of Allama Azmi continued to lead the development of this institutions to a world class reputable University.[3]


In 2011 Al-Jamiatul Islamia witnessed four hundred Ulemas graduate[4] at the hands of its founder, Azmi, at the annual graduation ceremony. Many students of this institution are now working in different parts of the world in South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Holland, Mauritius and the Middle East. Some of the famous students include the Mufti-e-Azam of America, Allama Mufti Qamar-ul-Hassan, the Chief Imam of Scotland's Khizra Mosque Allama Faroghul Quadri, Mufti Shamshul Huda in Dewsbury, UK, Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, UK Government's former Chief Diversity Adviser, Allama Abdul Mannan Jama'ee, Holland, Allama Khalid Razvi, Leicester, UK and Hazrat Maulana Sayyad Moinuddin Ashraf (Moin Miya'n) Sajjada Nasheen, Kicchocha Sharif.

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