Al-Kafaàt University

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Al-Kafaàt University (AKU)
جامعـــة الكفـــاءات
Established 1995
Type Private
President Fathi Oueida
Location , Beirut, Lebanon
Website [1]

The Al-Kafaàt University (AKU) (Arabic: جامعة الكفاءات‎) is a private, independent university established in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded in 1999 by Al Kafaàt Foundation. The university is directed by an appointed Board of Trustees.


Al-Kafaàt Foundation (1957) undertook to set up a University in 1995. The Al-Kafaàt University bases its educational philosophy, standards, and practices upon two principles: First, “AKU shall promote the right of every individual a quality education regardless of, socio-economic status, physical and mental condition, social or ethnic origin, political and other affiliation”. The second principle: “A university education for the real world", which implies integrating experiential learning and critical components in our educational approach.

Our graduates leave Al-Kafaàt University with hundreds of new ideas. They will also leave with hundreds of hours of experience in their field, and the practical knowledge that will empower the students. Along with the degree our students will leave AKU with a very clear, very realistic view of how to make things better for themselves and for others.

AKU’s dynamic, highly qualified teachers are well-known for their expertise and proficiency in teaching and inspiring students. As part of AKU institution, students will obtain the resources, and the network of connections, that will alleviate and advance the students’ abilities, and career.


In 1957, Mr. Nadim Shwayri formed the non-profit organization, "Al-Kafaàt Foundation ". The goal of Al-Kafaàt Foundation was twofold: First, to educate young children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds; second, to educate and rehabilitate children with disabilities.

Gradually, the organization grew and developed new services in light of the increasing demands for proper rehabilitation. In the mid-seventies, Mr. Nadim Shwayri institutionalized Al-Kafaàt to the guidance of an elected Board of Trustees.

Al Kafaàt Foundation undertook to set up a University in 1995. This came as a part of the overall strategies laid by the Foundation to support the Lebanese youth, after the success it has recorded in mainstreamed education, technical and Vocational Rehabilitation. In 1999, Ministry of Higher Education, issued a decree in which it states that Al Kafaàt is an Institution of Higher Education. Thus, AL Kafaàt Foundation started a college in Technology and another one in Education, covering around ten fields of study. Al-Kafaàt has a campus that spreads over 60,000 square meters of land in the pine area of Ain-Saadeh, located 10 kilometers away from the capital-city Beirut, and nine buildings consisting of 90 classrooms, 25 laboratories, 30 industrial workshops, 300 residential rooms and a large number of multipurpose halls and sports areas.


  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Hotel Management
  • Food Industries
  • Audio Visual (Cinema)
  • Interior Design
  • Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Preschool and Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • Gerontology and proximity care


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