Al-Khor Stadium

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Al-Khor Stadium
Al-Khor Stadium.jpg
Artist's impression of the stadium
Location Al Khor, Qatar
Capacity 45,000
Surface Grass
2022 FIFA World Cup

Al-Khor Stadium (Arabic: ملعب الخور‎) is a proposed football stadium which will be built in Al Khor, Qatar in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


The Al-Khor Stadium will take on an asymmetrical seashell motif, providing covered seating for all spectators. Connected to a number of transportation systems, the onsite parking will be able to hold 6,000 cars, 350 buses and the coming and going of 150 public buses/shuttles, as well as 1,000 taxis and water taxis. The stadium will host over 45,000 World Cup fans, with an additional 1,000 seats for press.

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