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Al Maadeed (Arabic: المعاضيد ) also spelled Al Maadid, Al Maadhid, or AL Maadheed,or AL Madeed meaning the cooperation or alliance of people who are brave and are the main people you turn to in crises and in need, is one of the primary tribes in Qatar.

In Qatar, the Al-Maadeed tribe includes, but does not exclude, many of the major families:

They are the founders of Qatar. Though they are mainly present in Qatar, there are Maadeed's in Kuwait as well as Saudi Arabia. The Al Maadeed's are descendants of the Bani Tamim. There is some confusion as to them being of Al Bin Ali, this however relates to a debated fact of their joining Al Bin Ali by pact (hulf in Arabic).

The founder of Qatar H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Thani, was chosen from Al Maadeed tribe as the leader of the modern Qatar. He was chosen because of his good personal characteristics and friendliness. Till Now, Al-Thani the descendends of Mohammed Bin Thani are chosen as leaders of Qatar.