Al-Mughayyir, Ramallah

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Not to be confused with another Palestinian village Al-Mughayyir, located near Jenin.
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic المغيّر
al-Mughayyir is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of al-Mughayyir within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°01′10″N 35°20′46″E / 32.01944°N 35.34611°E / 32.01944; 35.34611Coordinates: 32°01′10″N 35°20′46″E / 32.01944°N 35.34611°E / 32.01944; 35.34611
Governorate Ramallah & al-Bireh
 • Type Village Council
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 2,368

al-Mughayyir (Arabic: المغيّر‎) is a Palestinian village in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, located 27 kilometers Northeast of Ramallah and 34 kilometers Southeast of Nablus, in the northern West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the village had a population of 2,368 inhabitants in 2007.[1] According to villagers 75% of its land has been confiscated for Israeli settlements, military bases and natural reserves.[2]

Impact of the Israeli Occupation[edit]

According to the Oslo II Interim Agreement signed between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in September 1995, Al Mughayyir village was divided into politically classified areas 'B' and 'C'. Approximately 1,934 dunums (5.9% of the village's total area) is classified as area B, where the Palestinian National Authority has complete control over civil matters and Israel continues to have overriding responsibility for security. Area B constitutes most of all inhabited Palestinian areas, including municipalities, villages and some refugee camps. The majority of the village's population resides in area B which forms a small part compared to the village's total area. The rest of the village's area, constituting 31,121 dunums (94.1% of the total area) is classified as area C, where Israel retains full control over security and administration related to the territory. In area C, Palestinian building and land management is prohibited unless through consent or authorization by the Israeli Civil Administration. Most of the lands lying within the area C are agricultural areas and open spaces, in addition to Israeli military camps.[3]

On 12 November, 2014, the Al-Mughayyir mosque was damaged extensively when it was torched, reportedly by settlers in what was believed to be a price-tag attack.[4] Israeli police say the incident does not match previous ‘price tag’ attacks, and that a full investigation was impossible because they were denied entry to the village by Palestinian authorities.[5] According to Haaretz journalist Chaim Levinson, it was the 10th such mosque subject to arson in Israel and the West Bank since June 2011, and no investigation has ever led to an indictment.[6]


Principal families in the village: An Na'san, Dar abu Alya, Al Hajj Muhammad, Abu Na'im, and Abu Assaf



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