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Al-Nahdiah was a female Sahaba (companion of Muhammad).

Other transliterations include Nadia, An-Nahdiyah or Al Nahdiah (Arabic: النهدية‎)


She had a daughter named Umm Ubays,[1] and both of them were the slaves of a lady of Banu Abd-al-dar.[2]

When Nahdiah and her daughter became Muslims, they were both tortured because they refused to leave Islam.[3] Among those who tortured them were her mistress [2] and Umar, before he also became a Muslim.[1]

Abu Bakr, an early Muslim, complained to their mistress about the treatment, whereupon she answered "You have corrupted them; you may free them if you are so sympathetic to them." [2]

Abu Bakr paid the price asked for, and liberated the women.[1][3]

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