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Type Daily
Publisher Dar Al-Qabas Press Printing Publishing and Distribution Company
Editor-in-chief Walid Al Nisef
Founded 22 February 1972; 42 years ago (1972-02-22)
Political alignment Liberal
Language Arabic
Headquarters Al Shuwaikh, Al Asimah
Official website Official website

Al-Qabas (Arabic: القبس‎) (English: the Firebrand or the Starbrand)[1] is an Arabic daily Kuwaiti newspaper published by Dar Al Qabas Press Printing Publishing and Distribution Company.[2]

History and profile[edit]

Al-Qabas was launched on 22 February 1972.[3] It is owned by Kuwaiti merchant families.[4]

The daily had a circulation of 120,000 copies before the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1991.[5] Its 2001 circulation was 79,000 copies.[5] The paper has also online version which had 30,000 weekly hits in 2001.[5]

Political stance and staff[edit]

The paper has a critical approach to government of Kuwait[6] and is a liberal publication.[5] In April 2012, it published an editorial calling for ending the struggle within the ruling family of Kuwait, Al Sabah.[4] The paper's editor, Mohammed Al-Sager, is a winner of the International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists "for courageous reporting on political and human rights issues in the face of government threats of censorship and prosecution".[7]

The other significant editors of the daily include Abdel Latif Al Duaaij and Ahmad Bishara.[6] The Palestinian cartoonist Naji Salim al-Ali worked for the paper in the 1980s and he was killed in 1987 while working for the London edition of the daily.[8][9]


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