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Arabic: القرنة
Flag of al-Qurnah
Coordinates: 31°0′57″N 47°25′50″E / 31.01583°N 47.43056°E / 31.01583; 47.43056Coordinates: 31°0′57″N 47°25′50″E / 31.01583°N 47.43056°E / 31.01583; 47.43056
Country Iraq
Governorate muhafazat (Arabic: محافظة‎) Basra Governorate (Arabic: البصرة‎)
Elevation[1] 16 ft (4 m)
Population (2004)[1]
 • Total 13,237 in 7 km radius
  Approximate figures
Time zone GMT +3 (UTC+3)
 • Summer (DST) +4 (UTC)

Al-Qurnah (Qurna) is a small village in southern Iraq about 74 km northwest of Basra, within the town of Nahairat.[2] Qurna (Arabic for connection/joint) is located at the point where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers join to form the Shatt al-Arab.[2]

Current conditions[edit]

There is the small Qurna Tourist Hotel built during Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in order to encourage tourism for the region, however it is most likely not in use now.[3] As of the start of the Iraq War in 2003, conditions at the site were reportedly woeful.[4] Cracked pavement and bullet holes along with the poor condition of the tree itself made future tourism seem out of the question.[5] However, photographic evidence seen below and a certain amount of western presence has made it a viable tourist destination once again.[2]


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