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For other places with the same name, see Al-Tall (disambiguation).
Al-Tall District (yellow) within Rif Dimashq. The small enclosed uncolored area is Damascus Governorate.

Al-Tall District (Arabic: منطقة التل‎) is a district (mantiqah) of the Rif Dimashq Governorate in Syria. At the 2004 official census, the district had a population of 115,937.[1] The centre of the district is the city of Al-Tall.


The district of Al-Tall is divided into three sub-districts or nawāḥī (population according to 2004 official census):

  • Al-Tall nahiyah (ناحية التل): population 85,933.[2]
  • Saidnaya nahiyah (ناحية صيدنايا): population 18,846.[3]
  • Rankous nahiyah (ناحية رنكوس): population 11,158.[4]

Localities in Al-Tall District[edit]

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the following villages, towns and cities, make up the district of Al-Tall:[5]

English Name Arabic Name Population Subdistrict
Al-Tall التل 44,597 Al-Tall
Manin منين 17,521 Al-Tall
Maaraba معربا 10,290 Al-Tall
Rankous رنكوس 7,717 Rankous
Badda بدا 6,564 Saidnaya
Halboun حلبون 6,521 Al-Tall
Saidnaya صيدنايا 5,194 Saidnaya
Talfita تلفيتا 4,082 Al-Tall
Hafeir al-Fouqa حفير الفوقا 3,441 Saidnaya
Maarat Saidnaya معرة صيدنايا 3,084 Saidnaya
Hosh Arab حوش عرب 2,073 Rankous
al-Dreij الدريج 1,769 Al-Tall
Maarounah معرونة 1,153 Al-Tall
al-Fayadiyah الفياضية 785 Rankous
Akoubar عكوبر 563 Saidnaya
al-Jarniyah الجرنية 271 Rankous
al-Mahabah المحبة 100 Rankous
Sabnah سبنة 94 Rankous
Ayn Dara عين دره 63 Rankous
al-Nour النور 55 Rankous


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Coordinates: 33°36′N 36°18′E / 33.600°N 36.300°E / 33.600; 36.300