Al-Watan (Syria)

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Al Watan
Type Daily
Owner(s) Rami Makhlouf
Publisher Syrian Arab Publishing and Distributing Company
Founded 2006; 8 years ago (2006)
Political alignment Pro-government
Language Arabic
Headquarters Damascus
Sister newspapers Al Iqtissadiya
Official website Al Watan

Al-Watan (Arabic: الوطن‎ meaning The Homeland) is a Syrian Arabic language daily newspaper published in Syria.


Al Watan was launched in 2006.[1] The paper is published by the Syrian Arab Publishing and Distributing Company. It is the country's first private daily newspaper since the 1960s (not counting the state party organ Al-Baath), but its editorial line and reporting is practically identical to that of the state-owned papers.[2] In fact, the owner of the daily is the cousin of the Syrian President Bashar Assad, Rami Makhlouf.[1] Its sister daily is Al Iqtissadiya.[3]


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