Al Hidd

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Al Hidd
Location of Hidd district
Location of Hidd district
Al Hidd is located in Bahrain
Al Hidd
Al Hidd
Location in Bahrain
Coordinates: 26°15′N 50°39′E / 26.250°N 50.650°E / 26.250; 50.650Coordinates: 26°15′N 50°39′E / 26.250°N 50.650°E / 26.250; 50.650
Country Bahrain
Governorate Northern Governorate
To be distinguished from Ras al Hadd (رأس الحد), a district with a famous turtle breeding beach in Oman

Al Hidd (Arabic: الحد‎) is a town in Bahrain, located on a sand spit on the southeastern extremity of Muharraq Island. The town has a large Sunni population, of bedouin tribal origin, huwala, or Afro-Arabs.[1]

Before the discovery of oil in Bahrain, the inhabitants of Hadd were largely involved in the fishing or pearl diving industries. Many of Bahrain's fijiri performance groups are based in Hidd.

Hadd used to be administered under its own municipality, but today it falls under the Muharraq Governorate. South of Hadd town lies the Hadd Industrial Area, built on reclaimed land. In addition to several factories, the Industrial Area has built on it a large power plant, a water desalination plant (which supplies 75% of Bahrain's clean water requirements), and a drydock (Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard or ASRY).

Hadd lies south of the Bahrain International Airport and Arad. The Shaikh Khalifa Causeway connects Hadd to Juffair on Bahrain Island.

Early history[edit]

Hidd was first settled in the 18th century by Sunni Arabs who then had just migrated to Bahrain from neighboring countries, especially Qatar and Oman.

Families from Hidd[edit]

  1. AlAamer العامر
  2. A branch of the Al Bin Ali tribe (Arabic: فرع من قبيلة ال بن علي)
  3. Al-Muslim المسلم
  4. Al-Sadah السادة
  5. Al-Sulaiti السليطي
  6. A branch of the Al Thawawida tribe فرع من قبيلة الذواودة
  7. Al-Jabara الجبارة
  8. A branch of the Al Nuaim tribe فرع من قبيلة النعيم
  9. Al-Kubaisi الكبيسي
  10. Al-Hadeeb الهديب
  11. A branch of the Al-Malood family فرع من عائلة المالود
  12. A branch of the Albuainain tribe فرع من قبيلة البوعينين
  13. A branch of the Al Mahmood family فرع من عائلة آل محمود
  14. Al-Shouruqi الشروقي
  15. Al-Othman العثمان
  16. Al-Shayji الشايجي
  17. Albuflasa البوفلاسة
  18. Aljunayd الجنيد
  19. Albinkalil البنخليل
  20. Alsaqer الصقر
  21. Almoosa الموسى
  22. Al-Ammadi العمادي
  23. Zaman زمان
  24. Khadem خادم
  25. Al-Burshaid البورشيد
  26. Buali بوعلي
  27. Mandi مندي
  28. Al-Ahmad الأحمد

Government and infrastructure[edit]

The Office of Ports and Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Transportation has its headquarters in Building 702 in Hidd.[2]


The Ministry of Education operates government schools. Government schools for boys include Al-Hidd Primary Intermediate Boys School and South Hidd Primary Boys School. Government schools for girls include Asma That Al-Nequin Primary Intermediate Girls School and Al-Hadd Secondary Girls School.[3]


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