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Al Bano & Romina Power in 1976

Al Bano and Romina Power were an Italian pop music duo formed by then-married couple Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. They are best known for their songs "Felicità", "Sempre sempre", "Nostalgia Canaglia", and "Libertà". The two separated in 1999.


Albano Carrisi met Romina Power, daughter of American actor Tyrone Power, during the filming of the movie "Nel Sole", named after one of his songs, in 1967. The two married on July 26, 1970 in Cellino San Marco.

Together, the couple shot seven films, based on their songs, between 1967 and 1983. Power released three solo albums between 1969 and 1974.

In 1975, the couple released their first album as a duo, Dialogo, which was followed by numerous others. Many of them were also released in Spanish versions.

In 1976 they represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "We'll Live It All Again" ("E fu subito amore"), interpreted in Italian and English, and finished seventh. Later on, they also recorded a Spanish and a French version of the song.

In 1982, the duo broke Italian record with four songs on the Italian hit parade at the same time. The same year, they participated in the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Felicità" and finished second. The song became widely popular, over 6 million copies of the single were sold and in 1985 they received a German Golden Globe for it.

In the same year (1982), 2 additional albums were released: "Felicità" and "Che angelo sei".

In 1984, they won the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Ci sarà" which from their album "Effetto amore".

The following year, they again participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Magic, Oh Magic" and, again, reached seventh place.

In 1986, Al Bano and Romina Power signed a contract with WEA and recorded the album Sempre sempre, which confirmed their international success. The song "Settembre" featured the voice of their baby daughter Cristel, while for "Lord Byron" they used recordings of Byron's poetry by Tyrone Power.

In 1987, the album Libertà! was released. The couple's daughter Ylenia sang a duet with her mother Romina in "Abbi fede". The album sold well in Italy and across Europe. The same year they participated in the Sanremo 1987 with the song "Nostalgia canaglia".

In January 1989, the album Fragile included a song written by Romina and her half-brother, Tyrone Power, Jr.

In 1990, they released two album: "Fotografia di un momento" and "Weihnachten bei uns zu haus".

In 1991, Al Bano and Romina Power again participated in the Sanremo Music Festival, this time around with the song "Oggi sposi". In the same year, they celebrated 25 years of their joint artistic careers with an anthology which included their most popular songs, Le più belle canzoni (in Italy) and Vincerai – Their Greatest Hits (in Europe). They also wrote their autobiography and released a video, both entitled Autoritratto dalla A alla R.

In 1993, their album Notte e giorno was released.

After their daughter Ylenia Carrisi disappeared in January 1994 in New Orleans, Al Bano and Romina cancelled all of their concerts and dedicated all their time to the search for their daughter. Police efforts yielded no results.

In 1995, the couple released their last album Emozionale, followed by a video version, Una vita emozionale.

In 1996, Al Bano participated in the Sanremo Music Festival, singing "È la mia vita". In 1997, he released a solo album Concerto Classico, while his wife recorded a CD with her son Yari and composer Maurizio Fabrizio, though this CD has never been released. She also had a part in the television mini-series The Return of Sandokan and in 1998, she published a book about her father, entitled Cercando mio padre ("Searching for my father").

In 1999, Al Bano announced their separation in an open letter to the weekly magazine Oggi, in which he explained reasons for their break-up, related to the disappearance of their eldest.

In 2000, Al Bano sang backing vocals at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm for Switzerland's entrant Jane Bogaert and her song 'La Vita Cos'e'.

In 2008, Romina moved to the USA (Arizona) while Al Bano was living in Cellino San Marco.

In October 2013, Al Bano and Romina Power reunited, reportedly only on a professional basis and for one final time, for a concert performance in Moscow. At Sanremo 2015, they again appeared together as guests.

Exactly from this point, at the former spouses creative and personal relations renew and there is a return to irregular joint concert activity.


Album Year Length Songs
Atto 1 (Dialogo) 1975 42:15 Side A: Evasione o realtà – Un uomo diventato amore – Sognando Copacabana – Come ti desidero – Sensazione meravigliosa – Dialogo

Side B: Se ti raccontassi – Amore nel 2000 – Il pianto degli ulivi – Moderno Don Chisciotte – Mai, mai, mai – Paolino Maialino

Des nuits entières 1976 39:08 French version
1978 1977 We'll Live It All Again – Noi due – Tip tap – Piccolo amore – Na, na, na – Dear Mr Man – Prima notte d'amore – Immagini '77 – E se tornerà – Il covo delle aquile – My Man, My Woman – Ave Maria
Aria pura 1979 34:20 Ore 10 – Aria pura – Il mestiere di vivere – Granada Dream – Agua fuente – Heart Games – All'infinito – Who? – U.S.America
Sharazan 1981 45:18 Spanish version
Felicità (the Italian edition is again called "Aria Pura") 1982 35:01 Aria pura – Felicitá – Prima notte d'amore – Sharazan – Il ballo del qua qua – Angeli – E fu subito amore – Canto di libertà – Caro Gesù – Arrivederci a Bahia
Che angelo sei 1982 34:22 Che Angelo sei – Abbandonati – Meditando – Perché – Viaggiando – Tu soltanto tu – Parigi è bella com'è – 1961 – Anche tu – Io ti cerco
Effetto amore 1984 38:12 Al ritmo di beguine – L'amore è – Ciao, aufwiedersehen, goodbye – Quando un amore se ne va – It's Forever – Canzone blu – Ci sarà – Grazie – Leo, Leo – Un'isola nella città – Gli innamorati
Sempre sempre 1986 40:23 Sempre sempre – Saranda–Okinawa – Mambo di Rambo – Settembre – Andrea – Love – C'est facile – Verso il duemila – Caro amore – Lord Byron
Libertà! 1987 41:16 Libertà – Ma il cuore no – Le mie radici – Notte a Cerano – Nel mondo – Makassar – Incredibile appuntamento – Quando si ama – Abbi fede – I cigni di Balaka
Fragile 1988 45:19 Fragile – Sei tu – Africa Africa – Che amici – Donna – A Miracle – Questa notte – Non pensarci più – Il bambino non è più re – Non voglio perderti – Era casa mia – Nessun dorma
Fotografia di un momento 1990 40:19 Besame – Donna per amore – Non piangere – Commesso viaggiatore – Bwana – Fotografia – Tenero e testardo – Indian Boy – Bussa ancora – Libertà (Production '90)
Weihnachten bei uns zu Hause 1990 39:40 Felice Natale – White Christmas – Un altro Natale – Stille Nacht – Il piccolo tamburino – Feliz Navidad – Last Christmas – Mary's Boychild – Leise rieselt der Schnee – Ave Maria
Le più belle canzoni (remixes & 3 new songs) 1991 53:35 Oggi sposi – Nel sole – Dialogo – Ci sarà – Sempre sempre – Acqua di mare – Nessun dorma – Felicità – Ballo del qua qua – Nostalgia canaglia – Mattino – Libertà – Sharazan – Ave Maria
Vincerai (remixes & 2 new songs) 1991 50:16 Vincerai – Tu soltanto tu – We'll Live It All Again – Makassar – Cara terra mia – Il poeta (Yunus Emrè) – Che angelo sei – Prima notte d'amore – Io ti cerco – Caro Gesù – Commesso viaggiatore – Andrea
Notte e giorno 1993 53:16 Domani domani – Bambini – Torneremo a Venezia – Sentire ti amo – Di più – Il profumo delle rose – Sha-e-o – Mondo – In controluce – Notte e giorno – Tenerissima – È un miracolo – Atto d'amore
Emozionale 1995 52:59 Na, na, na – Santa Maria – Tu perdonami – Dammi un segno – Resta ancora – C'è una luce – Cantico – In Mexico – Impossible – Everybody Loves – E mi manchi – Un sasso nel cuore
Ancora...Zugabe (compilation + 3 remakes & 4 live versions) 1996 74:14 Anno 2000 – Ma il cuore no – Oggi sposi – Tenerissima – Cantico – Na, na, na – Sharazan – Il poeta – Tu perdonami – Nostalgia canaglia – È la mia vita – Sempre sempre – Notte e giorno – MEDLEY Bussa ancora, Makassar, Vincerai – La casa del sole (Live Version) – 13, storia d'oggi (Live Version) – Felicità (Live Version) – Eine Mutter, ein Kind, Die Zeit und ich (Live Version)
  • (Teamworks, only albums without the compilations) 1975–1996


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