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Al Bin Ali (Arabic: آل بن علي, or Albinali البنعلي) is a Sunni Arab sub-tribal confederation based in the Arab states especially in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

The vast majority of members of the Al Bin Ali clan stem from either the Bani Sulaim or Al-Ma'adeed tribes. A small portion of them, however, belong to the Anizzah tribe.

Albinali tribe are merchants who had fleet of ships. Their main business is pearls. They had a strong positive economic effect on Persian Gulf nations such as Bahrain and Qatar. Many textbooks and poems were written about Albinali Tribe. Their castles and ships are historical landmarks.


The Al Bin Ali family are related (by marriage) to the royal family in Bahrain. They are a religious family and business men. The tribe left Bahrain with its strong economic force to Qatar. The Ruler of Bahrain requested the Al Bin Ali tribe to return to Bahrain to their castles and property.

A document shows that 81 years before arrival of the Al-Khalifa, one of the shaikhs of the Al Bin Ali tribe (an offshoot of the Bani Utbah) had bought a palm garden from Mariam bint Ahmed Al Sindi in Sitra island. The Al Bin Ali tribe are the powerful dominant group controlling the town of Zubarah on the Qatar peninsula, originally the center of power of the Bani Utbah. After the Bani Utbah gained control of Bahrain, the Al Bin Ali had a practically independent status there as a self-governing tribe. They used a flag with four red and three white stripes, called the Al-Sulami flag.

A well known member of the Al Bin Ali family is Sheikh Isa bin Hamad bin Tarif Al Bin Ali, He was the chief of Al-Bida (known today as Doha) the capital of Qatar, as well as the chief of the Al Bin Ali tribe from the beginning of the 19th Century until his death in 1847. He was described by the political agents in the gulf as being one of the most energetic and powerful chiefs in the gulf region.

Evidence in historical texts and maps indicate over 1500 years ago the Al Bin Ali tribe originated from the center of Saudi Arabia - Najd- currently known are Riyadh.