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Al Da'iya الدعية is one area located in Kuwait city, that has been established around 1960. Its one of Al Asimah governorates.
AL Da'iya named after Sheikh Duaj ALSalman ALSabah "الشيخ دعيج السلمان الصباح " who was the first one who lived in this area and he was also the leader of Kuwait army who fought in Himth battle معركة حمض in 1919.
Shiekh Duij lived long live and he passed in 1981 at age of 98 years old. AL Da'iya pronanced Daey دعي and later it changed to Da'eiyaya and finally changed into ALDa'iya. Daiya is the headquarters of the Kuwait handball association.

Diplomatic Area[edit]

Embassies in Kuwait

Algeria Algeria
Austria Austria
Canada Canada
Libya Libya
Malaysia Malaysia
Russia Russia
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates