Al Falah College

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Al Falah College

Al Falah College is an educational institution in Unit no. 9, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Pakistan. View on Facebook


  • Dr. Ahmed Iqbal (Karachi) President of College
  • Dr. Ainuddin Ahmed (Secretary)
  • Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhery (Member)
  • Mr. Abdul Waheed Qurshi (Vice President)
  • Mr. Muhammad Sharif (Member)
  • Rais Shafi M.Nizamani (Member)
  • Syed Ali Mir Shah (Member)

Teaching Faculty[edit]


  • Syed Mushtaqe Ali M.A,B.T

Department of Physics[edit]

  • Prof. Azeem Mughal M.Sc
  • Prof. Faisal Qamar M.Sc
  • Prof. Abdul Rafay Ather M.Sc, M.Phil
  • Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed M.Sc, M.Phil

Department of Chemistry[edit]

  • Prof. S.Tahir Hussain Naqvi M.Sc
  • Prof. Masood-Ul-Hassan M.Sc
  • Prof. H.M Jawwad

Department of Mathematics[edit]

  • Prof. Ayaz Uddin M.Sc
  • Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Mughal M.Sc
  • Hafiz Muhammad Rasheed M.Sc
  • Muhammad Irshad M.Sc

Department of Biology[edit]

  • Prof. Muhammad Hussain M.Sc

Department of English[edit]

  • Prof. Khalil Ahmed Khan M.A
  • Prof Shamusuddin Aijaz M.A,B.Ed
  • Prof. Muhammad Farooque M.A

Department of Urdu[edit]

  • Prof. Abid Hussain M.A, B.T
  • Prof. Shujat Talib Zaidi M.A
  • Qadeer Ul Islam M.A, B.Ed

Department of Islamic Studies[edit]

  • Prof. Muhammad Yousuf M.Sc, B.Ed
  • Mr. Sultan Shah

Department of Pakistan Studies[edit]

Mr. Syed Mushtaque Ali M.A, B.T

Department of Sports[edit]

  • Mr. Noor Ali Jawaid F.A, Dip In P.Ed


  • Mr. Nadir Ali Shaikh

Office staff[edit]

  • Mr. Muhammad Asif Raza B.Com,Dit
  • Mr. Syed Fairasat Ali B.Sc, M.A

Lab assistants[edit]

  • Mr. Ahsan Mohiuddin B.Com, Dit (Physics Lab)
  • Mr. Arsalan Yousuf B.Sc, Dit (Chemistry Lab)

Ministerial staff[edit]

  • Mr. M.Kaleem (Electrician)
  • Mr. Liaquat Ali (Peon)
  • Mr. Saleem (Peon)
  • Mr. Abdul Ghani (Watchman)
  • Mr. Muhammad Riaz (Gardener)
  • Mr. Muhammad (Sweeper)

Working hours[edit]

During Summer: 8:15am to 1:05pm
During Winter: 8:30am to 1:30pm


White shirt, Gray pant and Black shoes and Blue Tie of college during winter the students are required to wear navy blue sweaters

  • Note college uniform will be provided by the college affiliated shops.

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