Al Jadeed

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Al Jadeed
Type Television Network
Country Lebanon
Availability Lebanon; also available in the Arab World, European Union, Canada, United States, Australia and Americas
Owner Tahsin Khayat
Launch date
4 October 2001; 12 years ago (2001-10-04)
Official website

Al Jadeed (Arabic: الجديد‎), formerly known as New TV, is a 24-hour pan-Arab station broadcasting from Lebanon offering general-interest programming in the Arabic language.

Al Jadeed was launched on 4 October 2001 in Lebanon, the Arab world and European Union. On 9 May 2005, Al Jadeed was also launched in America and the Pacific, reaching Arab speaking emigrants in the United States, Canada, South America and Australia.[1] As of 2012, it has become available for viewers in South America through over-the-top technology on myTV.[2]

Political and juridical battles[edit]

A while after its creation, the station began to treat political issues concerning several debates and "scandals" that occurred in Lebanon. Some sensitive cases involved the relationship between the government of that time and the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. The station was forbidden to broadcast the documentary and was threatened of indefinite closure, both by the Syrian authorities and the Lebanese Government, headed then by Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and President Émile Lahoud. The station owner, Tahsin Khayat, was asked several times in justice following this case and other similar revelations that involved high-ranked officers and important politicians. A direct consequence of this behavior was the initial refusal of the Lebanese and Syrian authorities to grant a working license to an anchorwoman of Sudanese nationality, as a punishment and a warning.

Despite several other warnings that followed, Al Jadeed continues to be one of Lebanon's most watched channels, dealing with several issues from corruption to political scandals; the latest were of Syrian-Lebanese related scandals amid the Syrian civil war.


On 9 April 2012, Ali Shaaban, a cameraman from Al Jadeed, was shot dead by the Syrian army after the TV news cast was thought to be fighters crossing the Lebanese border into Syria. The Syrian side sent its apologies to the Lebanese side and promised to punish the person responsible. [3]

On 25 June 2012, Al Jadeed was the site of a brutal attack by Wissam Alaa Aldin(A member of Saraya Al Moqawama a militia of 7alesh), after they interviewed Sheikh Ahmad Al Assir. Reason of the attack was because he was addressing Hizbollah's intervention in Syria and killing of Syrians. This caused a major uproar among 7alesh followers to the degree they attempted to burn the Al Jadeed building. One of the members responsible, Wissam, had his leg set on fire as the footage captured from a security camera shows. Wissam was arrested along with 2 others but later on released without even a sentence after 7alesh's intervention. Since then, Al Jadeed straighten up and started again working according the agenda of 7alesh and constantly criticise anyone who opposes 7alesh. This is clearly shown in all their reports and especially in the introduction of their news.


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