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Al Jalahma (Arabic: الجلاهمة‎) is an Arab clan, based primarily in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. It seceded from the Utub alliance in 1826 after a heated argument between the Al Jalahmas and the Al Khalifas which escalated into a full scale naval war between the two clans that resulted in the death of a disproportionate number of Al Khalifas, including famous pilot Ahmad ibn Salman Al Khalifa, in a suicide attack committed by Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah.[1]

Even after its secession from Bani Utbah, the Al Jalahma clan is still widely regarded by many to be a part of the tribal confederation.

Members of the clan are scattered in all over the Arabian Peninsula, including Yemen, and even remote North African areas such as the eponymous village of Jalahma in Upper Egypt where they still speak their bedouin dialect and virtually all of them have not intermingled with that country's black or non-Arab population.[2]


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