Al Jamea tus Saifiyah

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Old entrance gate of 1814 AD era
Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah
Established 1814
Type Private and Religious Theological University
Religious affiliation Aligarh Muslim University, International Baccalaureate
Chancellor Late Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS
Vice-Chancellor Syedna Aaliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin
Location Surat, India, India, Pakistan and Kenya
Campus Surat, Karachi and Nairobi
Former names Daras-e-Saifee
Affiliations Aligarh Muslim University, International Baccalaureate and many more


Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah is an Islamic Arabic Academy located in Surat, India.[1] It was founded as a theological University for Dawoodi Bohras in 1814 AD(1224AH)by the 43rd Dai Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin and named it as ‘Daras-e-Saifee” . There is a subsidiary campus located in the northern foothills of Karachi, Pakistan. A third campus of Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah was formed in Nairobi, Kenya in 2011.

Dawoodi Bohra's 51st Dai Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin promoted it further, given present name of ‘Al-Jamea-tus-Safiyah’ and its facility extension for Bohra girls. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin present Dai has given the modern look to its all building and made vast expansion.

Al Jamea tus Saifiyah is a celebrated part of the Fatimid Educational Heritage developed primarily to meet the requirements of high level of perfection attained by the Fatemi civilization, and centered round the great Al-Azhar Mosque. Its educational focus is the Quran, Islamic sciences, Arabic language and literature. The institute vast library have treasure of precious books covering past era of Fatimid culture of Egypt/Yemen. Students receive practical experience during the months of Ramazan and Moharrum ul Haram.

An eleven-year course of study is divided into three phases. The first phase is four years and involves 55 courses. The second phase is five years, subdivided into three years with 75 courses and two years with 90 subjects. The final two-year phase focuses on specialization and advanced studies in Islamic and Arabic science. Degrees are awarded at successive stages. At the end of the eleven-year course the student is awarded the degree of Al Faqih Al Jayyid. Graduates are provided an opportunity to perform a Hajj and Ziyarat pilgrimages.

The final degree is considered equivalent to the Masters of Arts from Aligarh Muslim University and recognized by Al Azhar and Cairo Universities of Egypt. Students who complete the STD V phase are considered to have completed secondary education and qualify to test for an International Baccalaureate. Also recognized by Oxford University and many more. The academy has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.


The university boasts of a fully computerized five-floor library that houses more than 1.5 lakh books and gets more than 100 periodicals monthly from all over the world. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who visited it in 1960, said, "I found this academy full of valuable manuscripts and other books. I was much interested to learn about its past history, which began in India four centuries ago and existed in Egypt and Yemen long before that." And sure enough, manuscripts that are more than 300-year-old, are well preserved here."

With rooftop gardens and fountains, an underground auditorium and swimming pool, this is one modern building within the old walled city of Surat which blends the old with new to make our town more beautiful.

In 1984 a branch of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah was made in Karachi Pakistan & in 2012 a branch in Nairobi Kenya. Recently in 2013, it was announced that an opening of a new branch shall take place in Marol, Mumbai and it has started.


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